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Phelps County Nebraska is Just the Place to Have a Good Time

Once you get beyond the noisy congestion of the big cities and out into the country around Holdrege and Phelps County, something happens. Your senses open up and you realize how fresh the air is and how big the sky seems. You start to notice birds singing. People give you a little wave from the steering wheel and smile when they pass you on the street. You feel yourself starting to relax.

Phelps County, Nebraska is right at the heart of the Heartland, smack in the middle of one of North America’s most productive agricultural regions. It’s also a great place to experience everything that contributes to this most American of lifestyles — small-town Midwest.

We hope this website will help make your visit a pleasure. We’ll point out a few of our favorite attractions and outdoor opportunities. We’ll tell you about the current events, and give you a guide to area restaurants, lodging and churches. But if you need to know more, contact us. We’ll do everything we can to prove that Phelps County, Nebraska is just the place to have a good time.

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Phelps County Outdoors

Are you looking for outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and
bird watching? There are great opportunities for appreciating
nature in Phelps County.


Phelps County Entertainment

Even though we don’t have a theme park yet, it doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of fun and interesting things to do and fun places to go.

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